Behind Archaic is Kostas Kanlis, from Thessaloniki city, North Greece .

He got involved in the psy-trance scene long ago, in 1993. At this time he was one of the first DJs in Greece: under the name of DJ Lory he started to bring electronic and psychedelic music in record shops, collect music, organize and play in major parties in Greece.

In 1996 he started to experiment and write his own music, alone and with friends, creating tracks which only exist on DAT tapes, under projects  names:of Full Moon Unit, Shabaladelia, Initia and others. In 2002 he released his first album “Shining Beings” under name Initia,  the sound was experimental and for day time.

During the years he never stopped to explore with passion music and composition and in 2008 released his first album “Wildness” with Wildthings Records under the name  of Archaic. The music had great response and many other releases came after that making his music  more known to international psy-trance community.

In 2011 he released his second  album “Sonic Driving” pushing up the boundaries with more night time and twilight sounds.

Kostas also has a second music project, psychedelic downtempo – “Avaris”,  started few years ago, and will present a  debut release in the end of may 2013.

And after many years of exploration and learning the art of psychedelic trance composition, he met Giuseppe and the Parvati family, who gave him a big call to go further with his work, releasing his first track on Parvati Records (Mushroom Power in Footprints 03 E.P.)