Skopje Dance Festival presents:

♫ BRAINCELL Braincell

♫ RASTALIENS Rastaliens

♫ SOLAR SPECTRUM Solar Spectrum

♫ MIDDLE MODE Middle Mode

♫ DJANTRIX DJ Djantrix

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Afadrenalin 3D objects & fluoro decorations

… and more to come … :)


Претпродажба на карти по промотивна цена од 400ден. низ цела Македонија преку дистрибутивната мрежа или преку мрежата на Skopje Dance Festival :

Скопје (кафе бар Кино Карпош)
Битола (Раде 076 784 214)
Велес (Драган 078 690 025)
Гевгелија (Владимир 078 448 677 )
Кавадарци и Неготино (Крсте 077 847 837)
Куманово (Кафе Бар Трговски)
Куманово (Рефо 077 878 977)
Охрид (Валентино 077 587 785)
Охрид (Александар 071 571 005)
Прилеп (Филип 075 886 239)
Св.Николе (Александар 077 763 683)
Струмица (Блаже 078 567 625)
Тетово (Александар 072 241 020)
Штип (Дарко 078 395 994)

Београд (Мерлин +381 63 737 9935)
Ниш (Андреа +381 60 606 6306)
Prishtina (Visar +377 45 293 999)
Thessaloniki (Fanis +30 698 7068754)
Tirana (Jona +355 69 2680234)


Braincell is a solo project of Switzerland based Producer Ralph K.
Ralph has been developing his unique style over the last few years and has built a great reputation around the world with his psychedelic, twisting leads and full-on driven beats.

Starting in 1994 as a producer and DJ he founded the project RASTALIENS together with his friend Jay. The latest album „Back on earth“ was releases on Phar Psyde Records in 2007. More info about RASTALIENS you can find on their website

Since 2007 Ralph is also producing tracks under the project name SOLAR SPECTRUM, which represents the more progressive side of his creativity. The debut album of SOLAR SPECTRUM was released 2009 on Free Freak Records as well with already two releases on Glowing Flame Records and Free Freak Records. Second album „(R)Evolution of conciousness“ was released 2010 on Free Spirit Records together with some digital EPs.More to come…

Middle Mode is a project initialised by Jovan Tot and Ivan Jovicic from Serbia, two friends have who cooperated since their early beginnings first as DJs until their mutual appreciation of psychedelic music grew into a desire to begin sonic experiments in the studio.

Their debut single ‘Age of Change’ on the well known TesseracTstudio label gave their project wide acclaim, right away bringing the project in the spotlight with their unique sound. Following that there has been no stopping with releases on top quality labels including IONO Music, Digital Om, BMSS, YSE etc. and collaborations and remixes with the top names in the industry.

Middle Mode’s music is filled with spirituality, mysticism, groove reminiscent of old Goa Trance with modern production qualities. Their original sound sets them apart from the rest with a more twisted psychedelic style at the same time maintaining a strong melodic framework which works on any given dance floor.

Today Middle Mode has joined ranks with India’s premier label Digital Om Productions and working on releasing their full length album.

Martin Georgiev a.k.a. DJANTRIX (artist name) born in 1988 in Skopje, Macedonia. Stay tuned and you will feel the difference…